Cleaning Products

Acrylic Lotion Dispenser 100ml


The large opening of the refillable soap dispenser allows for easy refilling every time, while also avoiding unnecessary waste accumulation ◆manual soap dispenser in classic soap bottle with large press button to squeeze lotion easily.

Anself Silicone Bottle Brush


Silicone bottle brush with 360 degree soft bristles can baby milk bottles, water bottles and more. 

Hydraulic Dishwasher brush


Hydraulic washing Dishwasher brush pot Washing Utensils Pot Dish Brush Plastic design, easy to use, clean more in place.

Johnson Baby Wipes


Johnson Clinically proven to be as safe & gentle on new-born skin as pure water No More Tears formula.

Joseph Sink Pod


This compact sink tidy wraps neatly over the edge of the sink to let excess water or soap drain easily away- perfect if you’re short on space around the sink.

Loofah flower bath belt sponge


Bath shower Loofah Sponge covering the back luffa for men women kids, exfoliating mesh pouf body scrubber. Moisten body puff and apply a small amount of shower gel. Make bathing easier with rope handles. The Bath Sponge is made of eco friendly and fully recyclable material. Apply shower gel onto the mesh, rub gently will...

Metaltex Roll 4 In 1 Kitchen Roll Holder Dispenser


The Metaltex Roll-n-Roll 4-In-1 Kitchen Roll Holder Dispenser is something I wish I had knew existed a long time ago. It keeps things organised in the kitchen

Multipurpose Cleaning Brush


Home Floor Brush is a multipurpose brush that helps in perfect cleaning

Smart Baby Disposable Breast Pads


Disposable pads Breast pads are important for breastfeeding mums to protect their clothes from getting wet from leaking milk and to avoid inflammation that may occur due to the moist of nipple