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4 Grid Storage Containers for Food & Cereals

4 Grid Storage Containers for Food & Cereals

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Size: as shown in the figureMaterial: PPStyle: 4-compartment sealed tank 2500ml: 0.19kgFeatures: Petal modeling / compartment storage / self calibration1. The petal shape is fresh and lovely, the petal type flap design is convenient to open and close, prevent peculiar smell, and the design is simple and beautiful2. It's convenient to open the single lattice and take it upside down. Under each petal, it's a small space. It's convenient to take it upside down and not to smell3. The clapboard can be taken out as a big can to break the single storage, and the partition can be disassembled to meet the storage needs of different families4. Multi specification can meet the storage needs. It can not only store grains, but also store tea in the office. Dried tea5. Humanized measurement with scale6. The concave lines on the bottle body are easy to handle

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